Are you looking for the best VoIP phone for your company? The market for Internet Protocol phones that use VoIP technology these days is getting a bit crowded at the moment. You currently have plenty of options when it comes to having a phone that can work over an IP network or a regular PSTN (public switched telephone network).


Yealink T48G

Yealink T48G

Now Yealink has joined the fray with their own lineup of half a dozen SIP phone models, and the Yealink SIP-T48G is their top of the line model. It’s their best VoIP phone for the businessman with more pressing communication needs. It’s so advanced that Yealink, with the typical aplomb that’s unfortunately common in the tech industry, has deemed it as “future-proof” technology.

Hyperbole aside, let’s take a closer look and see just what it can do for you.

Features of the Yealink SIP-T48G

The first thing you’ll probably notice here is that 7-inch touchscreen display that sits prominently over the numeric keypad. It measures about 6 inches wide and 3.5 inches high, with an 800 x 480 resolution and a 24-bit color depth.

It has 4 quick buttons at the bottom part of the screen, and they’re fairly self-explanatory. They denote History, Directory, Do Not Disturb, and the Menu. You have some traditional features here such as 29 configurable DSS keys for call lines or for BLF(Busy Lamp Field).

The other standard business phone features, such as call transfer and 3-way conferencing are all here too. The phonebook can contain up to a thousand entries. There are Gigabit ports, HD audio, Bluetooth, and PoE (Power over Ethernet) ports. It supports expansion modules, and it can be mounted on the wall.

On the phone, you also have various buttons that offer you quick access to the various features. You have buttons for volume, mute, headset, speakerphone, redial, transfer and hold.

However, upon further inspection you will find the most notable feature that makes it most suitable for managers: it can support up to 16 VoIP accounts. That’s not a typo, as it really is sixteen.

The setup is actually quite simple, and a company’s IT department should be able to handle these things. The manual offers a clear set of instructions, so even a regular boss can probably themselves if they want. Your purchase also includes a handset with a handset cord, an Ethernet cable, and a stand.


So let’s list the things we like about the Yealink SIP-T48G:

It comes with a great touchscreen. That it has a display shouldn’t surprise anyone. But not every phone has a touchscreen interface. The size of the screen is also fairly large, and that makes for a much clearer display. It’s quite easy to navigate as a result. It also helps that the menu sections are just the right size as well, so you don’t have that annoying clutter on the screen that you often find in other phones of this type.

The screen is really simple to use. That makes it a great option for even non-technical executives. They can easily find their way around the very simple interface. At the same time, more tech-minded managers can play around with various customization options. There are even options for integrating 3rd-party devices.

Then we really have to talk about that 16 VoIP accounts. It wasn’t that long ago when just about every desk phone of this type was able to handle only up to 4 accounts at the most. The 16 VoIP accounts represent a real quantum leap. This is the top of the line model, and what that means is that it’s really designed for people who have to handle lots of lines. Managers may have to fill in for several absent employees, and those 16 lines will all come in handy. For an operation such as a call center, this is an ideal setup for managers.

This comes with HD audio, and it’s not an exaggeration on Yealink’s part. The calls to SIP phones and office extension offer terrific clarity to the audio. The voices in calls made from and to PSTN networks are also very understandable and clear. Use the speakerphone, and the volume and sound quality will offer you no trouble at all.

You can also use various accessories with this, like a Bluetooth USB Dongle. You can also use wired or wireless headsets.

The setup is fairly easy, and there shouldn’t be any issues at all. Once you test the various features, you’ll find that everything works as they ought to.


Of course, it’s not exactly perfect.

The 16 VoIP accounts may also be overkill for some people, especially those who don’t need more than a couple of lines or so. Unless the user really does field that many calls through VoIP, it may be too much.

We found ourselves wishing that it had a camera. That would have made it great for video conferencing. However, there are rumors that hint of a camera option in the future.

It’s also a bit on the large side. It’s not really all that big of a deal unless it’s used on a very small desk. Then you’ll hate how it doesn’t leave you much room for your other work.


So should you buy it? That depends on who you are and how you intend to use it. If you’re a call center manager, then go ahead and get it. In fact, you’re the type of person for who the Yealink SIP-T48G was designed for in the first place. It gives managers the ability to access everyone’s accounts if they’re not available.

The phone is undoubtedly terrific. You have a smooth and intuitive touchscreen interface that’s easy to navigate. The phone also enables you to do various standard phone tasks easily and quickly with no fuss. Even the setup is fuss-free.

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