We create business VoIP phone services tailored by your needs

Auto Attendant

IVR or Auto Attendant is the automated menu you hear when calling a business. It efficiently funnels calls and gives callers the exact direction they need.

Call Queue

The Call Queue feature offers businesses a great way to manage incoming calls during peak periods of high call volume.


A conference call may be a simple one with 3 or 4 people within the company or a more complex affair with multiple people calling in at different times.

Voicemail to email

There are many circumstances in which an employee may not have access to their phone but are able to retrieve emails.


You can make calls just as they would do normally and the call can be recorded simply and free of charge


We can offer unique support with real persons on the other side and you don’t have to wait forever to get in touch with us.

We Create Fully Connected Systems So You Can Focus On Your Business

Why should you make a switch today? What’s happening at your business that makes you consider switching? Is it because you’re tired of lines that go down? Call clarity that breaks? Isn’t it time to end the madness and frustration and think about replacing your outgrown, outdated and very expensive PBX/Key system or Centrex service? We thought so. Since you’re ready now, consider a robust IP communications service that offers…

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