How a VoIP telephone is different from a landline phone

There are several differences between the two systems – from technological contrasts pricing and scalability. Here is a list of major differences that will help you better understand VoIP vs. landlines.




Setup costLowHigh
Running costLowHigh
KBPSNeeds 10 KBPSNeeds 64 KBPS
MultimediaTransmit voice, video, and any form of multimedia just like you do on the InternetNo support for multimedia. Only voice
ScalabilityEasy and inexpensive to scale as your business growsAdditional phone sets and wired phone lines needed in order to scale.
Add-onsLarge number features available at no additional cost (call waiting, forwarding, call parking, etc.)Limited options for add-ons, most of which cost extra
OutagesInternet should be functional at all times, but calls can be forwarded to a secondary device during a power outageUsable during a power outage
Call pricingFree VoIP to VoIP calls. International and mobile calls typically charged at a nominal rateNo free PSTN to PSTN calls. All calls are charged
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