The Best Business VoIP Provider

With Voice over IP (VoIP) in the cloud, your business communications remain centrally managed even if your employees work from home or use different devices.

During the days of the COVID 19, pandemic relocating workers from central offices to widely distributed homes and apartments, expanding corporate telephone communications to so many new locations can be a real challenge for smaller IT departments. Luckily, this is where cloud voice-over IP (VoIP) providers can shine. With cloud VoIP (sometimes called the Cloud PBX system), you can move direct extensions to new geographic locations without any problem.


Devices can be changed with softphone (Glocom) or simply by reconfiguring call forwarding. Since many of these systems also add a wide range of team collaboration features, cloud VoIP is probably the best COVID-19 investment a company can make.

Still the pandemic won’t last forever so keeping in mind core VoIP criteria is important, too. That means providing voice communications for employees at their desks once those workers start returning to the office. VoIP systems may also need to support a call center for sales, customer service, and support; and they often need to connect with and through a host of other communications channels, such as fax machines, video conferencing, conference calling, mobile communications, wireless handsets, and text messaging. On top of that, they’re often expected to provide more advanced functionality through software, like shared meeting collaboration, voicemail to email transcription, and call recording.

A key attraction of VoIP is that it gives these systems the flexibility to work in a wide variety of environments ranging from analog desk phones to softphones piggy-backing on a cell phone. These systems can often also integrate all or part of their softphone clients into other back-office applications, like your customer relationship management (CRM) or help desk platforms.


Simply picture the standard interface of such an app that suddenly sports a dial pad and some function buttons as a pop-up screen and you’ll have a very basic idea of how some of this works. In addition, these cloud-based systems can have a variety of phone numbers in global locations, so that your customers can have free access to your phone at little or no charge. 

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